Mobile GIS data capture

topoXplore is a mobile application for location based data collection, surveying and mapping – with processing intelligence. It is equally suitable for GIS professionals and less trained staff and can be used as integral part of an enterprise-wide GIS infrastructure or stand-alone data capture tool. The software runs on Windows Mobile based devices and customers get a free desktop program for office use.

topoXplore offers users the following main benefits

  • efficient and simple field data capture workflow
  • automatization tools to maximize productivity and data quality
  • fast map drawing algorithms to handle large amount of data
  • built-in support for all coordinate systems and projections
  • more precise positioning by use of NTRIP, RTK corrections and post processing of raw data
  • advanced topological features
  • thematic mapping by descriptive data fields and code lists

Compared to DigiTerra Explorer 8, which was the origin of TopoLynx’ software development, topoXplore is characterized by the following unique features:

  • New look and feel: redesigned user interface with more visible map content
  • High-resolution icons and scalable user interface for tablet users
  • Simplified toolbar with the most frequently used tools only
  • New Settings panel for easier access to each setting
  • Redesigned Survey and GNSS panel for faster fieldwork
  • Support of Web Feature Service (WFS) standard: ability to download and upload vector features from online services
  • Access online services (WMS, WFS, TMS, NTRIP) through proxy services
  • Enhanced WMS map caching for offline use
  • Improved navigation, stakeout and CoGo tools
  • Ability to set up different parallel NTRIP profiles and to switch between them
  • Vertices of vector objects can be displayed and this function can be turned on/off during field data collection
  • Audible signals indicating the type of GNSS solution