The AsteRx-m2a is a smaller-than-a-credit-card Heading and RTK receiver. It is ideal for UAS, INS integrations and other industrial applications that require high reliability in positioning combined with low power consumption.

Feature Rich

  • All-in-view, multi-constellation, multi-frequency satellite tracking
  • Sub-degree GNSS Heading and Pitch/Roll precision
  • Best-in-class reliable and scalable position accuracy
  • AIM+ anti-jamming and monitoring system
  • Ultra-compact design with industry leading low power consumption (
  • Easy to integrate

Interference robustness

The AsteRx-m2a features AIM+: the most advanced on-board interference mitigation technology on the market today. It can suppress the widest variety of interferers, from simple continuous narrowband signals to the most complex wideband and pulsed jammers. The RF spectrum can be viewed in real-time in both time and frequency domains.

Ultra-low power design

The AsteRx-m2a provides both heading and cm-level RTK positioning all for under 1 W–the lowest power consumption of any comparable device on the market today. This means lower heat dissipation, simpler integrations and longer operation on a single battery charge.

Easy to integrate

The AsteRx-m2a comes with fully-documented interfaces, commands and data messages. The included RxTools software allows receiver configuring, monitoring as well as data logging and analysis. An SDK is provided to help integrators create professional custom applications. The AsteRx-m2a is compatible with GeoTagZ Software and its SDK library for RPK (ReProcessed Kinematic) offline processing.