AsteRx-i V processes high-quality data, from the dual antenna multi-frequency AsteRx GNSS receiver with IMU measurements to generate an accurate and reliable position and orientation. 

Key features

  • Reliable and accurate IMU-enhanced GNSS positioning down to the cm level 
  • Full attitude - heading pitch and roll
  • Lightweight, low power and compact
  • AIM+ interference monitoring and mitigation system
  • High-update rate, low-latency positioning and attitude

Designed around demanding requirements for size, weight and power consumption, the AsteRx-i V is ideal for optical inspection and photogrammetry. Consuming typically 1.5 W and with a weight of less than 50 g, is ideal for UAVs where space and payload are at a premium. The versatility of design and range of connection interfaces extend the AsteRx-i V applicability to automation and robotics and as well as logistics.