Settop CellXtrem

Settop CellXtrem is an industrial modem with a 3.5G HSDPA connection for GNSS/GPS receivers with which it will be possible to multiply the possibilities of your receiver. With Settop CellXtrem, it had never been so easy to convey or receive NTRIP corrections. The device is a P2P solution for your Base or Rover GPS for connecting to NTRIP and CORS services. You can use it by connecting it to your rover or GNSS/GPS RTK receiver and receive NTRIP corrections via internet from any public or private antenna network that transmits corrections. Or you cans also connect it to your base GNSS/GPS receiver, allowing the conveyance of corrections via internet. Settop CellXtrem will help you expand the possibilities of your GNSS/GPS receiver thanks to a 3.5G HSDPA high-speed connection and to an easy, user-friendly configuration software for field controller and PC. Its weight and small size, along with its dust-resistant and waterproof design and its power supply base don user-replaceable batteries, make it the perfect accessory for your GNSS/GPS receiver, being moreover compatible with most receivers in the market. Settop CellXtrem, multiply the possibilities of your GPS receiver.